Curtain Call Kids

Curtain Call Kids

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hello CCK and Parents,
Reminder - rehearsals this coming Tues and Thurs at the church.  I will also call another rehearsal at Horizon the following weekend, I am thinking Sat 10-12 or Sunday 6-8, or both, but will let you know for sure. Let me know which day is best for you, Sat or Sun.  Please attend all rehearsals...we need you all there.
 Your show is coming up fast, in 2 weeks, so I am asking that all of you use this weekend to practice all your lines, dances, songs, etc.  I will need to introduce a couple of other things as well, which won't  be hard to learn.
 I want everyone to have their lines for monologues and skits memorized by this Tuesday.  You will not be using your scripts anymore.  I know you can do it.
 I will need the music from the following:
Sisters - Noehl, Maddie, and Abbi
Love Story - Sydney
Also you will need to bring your instruments and music for African Marching Song: Ally, Abbi, and Sydney
I will set aside time for you to practice.
I have to prepare the progam and sequence of acts as well, so I need to know you are ready because once the program is done, I will not be able to change it.
Again, all of you should feel proud of the terrific job you are doing.   I am happy to know each and every one of you.
For updated info check our blog:
Ms. Pam

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