Curtain Call Kids

Curtain Call Kids

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello Curtain Call Kids,
We will be meeting Sunday, June 12th 5:00-7:00, same place.  Please note the time change.  We will be doing more auditions on Sunday.  Please bring your $20 participation fee, cash or check payable to PHCT.
I was pleased with auditions last Sunday.  If you were given a monologue, please memorize, develop your character, and practice.  Remember to speak clearly and project your voice so you can be heard.  I reserve the right to adjust all character roles if I deem it necessary.
We will be having more auditions Sunday.  If you have a prepared solo or duet to sing, please come prepared to sing on Sunday.  Those of you who are playing a musical instrument with a group, please bring your instruments and show us what you've got.
CCK 2011 members who will be participating in the variety show will be cast to perform in at least 2 numbers.
The following are cast for the skits:
Teen Night:
Patsy-Abbi McNamara,  Cindy-Noehl Bingham,  Lindsey-Ally Holmes, Jason-Patrick Sullivan,  Randy-Jacob Stoliker
Meagan-Megan Cronce,  Amber-Paige Cronce,  John-Matthew Cronce,  Robbie-Jacob Stoliker,  Chris-Patrick Sullivan
Pea Soup:
Mom-Maddie Godwin,  other cast, to be determined.
Hope to see you all on Sunday. 
Pam Leslie

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